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Superb Phonics Instruction

WISDOM has helped my daughter's reading ability and confidence tremendously. She has struggled with phonics and reading since first grade, as he has dyslexia. Within 6 months she improved from a Reading Level D to a level M! She also enjoys reading now.


Making Learning Fun

WISDOM was able to evaluate my daughter and meet her where she is. As a student with Autism and ADHD, they matched a tutor who worked around the needs of my daughter. She incorporated hands on activities and my daughter's personal interests into the session.


Lasting Impact

WISDOM has done an amazing job with my children. The tutor is extremely caring, patient and has personalized each session with each child since day one. It's almost like they have a private teacher. Sessions are fun and they have been balancing remedial work with school work. Looking forward to continuing our work together.



Patience is a Virtue. I was fortunate enough to have my child matched with the most patient tutor available. He has been able to assist my child through Math, Science and Reading sessions. My child was diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and ODD, and eagerly awaits for tutoring lessons. The differentiation and varied learning strategies make content accessible for my child.



In reading my child was at a 2nd grade Reading Level in 8th grade. In math my child was at a 4th grade level. They managed to help my child over the past few years. Within the first year, my child was able to grow 12 reading levels, and is now more confident in reading and math. Thanks to the multisensory approaches and dedication. We appreciate you!


Lasting Impact

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Reading Wonderland

My son dreaded reading and skipped through his math problems. WISDOM was able to help him find confidence and joy in reading and math. My son love reading and would now read for hours at a time online. He can solve word problems with accuracy and explain in great detail how he solved. We love WISDOM and will continue working with them!


Creative Synergy

Group sessions were clearly planned, and student progress communicated on a daily basis, after each session. If students were confused or did not understand, lessons were broken down for them, and material was circled back to in future lessons so they would always remember what they learned. assessments were given such as do nows, exit tickets and unit assessments. Overall pleased and will recommend to others.


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